The Origin of Life on the Earth. A. I. Oparin. Oliver and Boyd.

The Origin of Life on the Earth Book Cover The Origin of Life on the Earth
A. I. Oparin
Oliver and Boyd

The Origin of Life on Earth is a completely rewritten account of the theories first advanced in the 1920’s by Professor Oparin and published under the title Origin of Life. This first book aroused great interest in scientific circles and since it was published many new discoveries have been made which have tended to confirm the theories of Oparin. It is with this fresh material in mind that the new book has been written.

In addition to the interest of the authors theories, the book will have lasting value because its very numerous references provide a key to the experiments and ideas of workers in widely diverse fields of science. It is not, however, essentially a book for specialists, but may be read with profit by anybody with a modicum of scientific education.