The Art of Engagement: Bridging the Gap Between People and Possibilities. Jim Haudan. McGraw-Hill.

The Art of Engagement: Bridging the Gap Between People and Possibilities Book Cover The Art of Engagement: Bridging the Gap Between People and Possibilities
Jim Haudan
August 20, 2008

Almost any business leader will admit that creating a strategy is far easier than executing it. That’s because the majority organizations don’t know how to bridge the canyons that exist between executives, managers, and front-line employees. Most strategic initiatives fail when a company tries to execute strategy despite its people rather than through them.

As CEO of consultancy Root Learning, Jim Haudan has more than twenty years experience helping businesses bridge these canyons and achieve their strategic goals. Here, he shares his organization’s secrets for driving this strategic execution. Refreshingly accessible, this important book presents executives, managers, and team leaders with a proven, effective way to communicate, empower, and motivate employees at every level of an organization.

Through stories, illustrations, and insightful observations, Haudan explores the concept of engagement in business – from the “roots of engagement” to the six reasons why so many workers rank themselves as disengaged to the keys to unlocking engagement in any organization. He also includes a framework for implementing the process of strategically engaging employees as well as a self-assessment for checking your own company’s level of strategic engagement.

The Art of Engagement equips you with a range of valuable tools – sketches, illustrations, and highly visual “learning maps” – to help employees speak the same language, see from the same point of view, and connect their individual actions to the success of the whole company. Included are:

  • Engaging visual learning tools designed to help you communicate more effectively with your workforce
  • Proven methods for successfully engaging employees at every level of an organization
  • Real-world case studies of such organizations as Harley-Davidson, Pepsi-Cola, and Hilton Hotels Corporation

The Art of Engagement arms you with the knowledge and the know-how to engage your employees and drive effective strategic execution.

Jim Haudan is CEO and co-founder of Root Learning, an international management consultancy. He and his colleagues have helped hundreds of companies worldwide to engage their employees in the execution of strategy through the use of dialogue and visualization.