Learning in Chaos: Improving Human Performance in Today’s Fast-Changing Volatile Organizations. James Hite, Jr. Routledge.

Learning in Chaos: Improving Human Performance in Today's Fast-Changing Volatile Organizations Book Cover Learning in Chaos: Improving Human Performance in Today's Fast-Changing Volatile Organizations
James Hite, Jr.
October 7, 1999

Nothing stays the same in business. It changes, and that’s OK. This book explains how you can improve individual learning strategies and associated education and training processes in constantly changing circumstances. Volatile organizations need dynamic learning processes throughout the enterprise to stay competitive. Performance support must complement shifts and upheavals of organizational life. To help you make learning activities more applicable to your dynamic work systems, this book proposes an action plan that will benefit individual, as well as group, development efforts and brings together four principal areas of thought:

  • Chaos, including chaos theory
  • Organizational theory and practice
  • Learning theory and practice
  • The general social environment

Executives, managers, educators, and training professionals will use the ideas and guidelines in this book to match their performance improvement actions with the radical and quickening pace of change.

James Hite Jr., Ed.D., has applied his expertise in human resource development and organizational change to several industries, including manufacturing, petroleum, and high-tech, with a special emphasis on the use of electronic systems and networks and coordination with human capabilities. Hite holds a doctorate in human resource development from Vanderbilt University. He is currently responsible for strategic planning and implementation of electronic performance support tools and methods as the director of the Distance Education Network at Belmont University, Nashville, Tennessee.