I Live in the Future & Here’s How It Works: Why Your World, Work, and Brain Are Being Creatively Disrupted. Nick Bilton. Crown Business.

I Live in the Future & Here's How It Works: Why Your World, Work, and Brain Are Being Creatively Disrupted Book Cover I Live in the Future & Here's How It Works: Why Your World, Work, and Brain Are Being Creatively Disrupted
Nick Bilton
Crown Business
September 14, 2010

Are we driving off the digital cliff and heading for disaster, unable to focus, maintain concentration, or form the human bonds that make life worth living?

The world, as Nick Bilton – with tongue-in-cheek – shows, has been going to hell for a long, long time, and what we are experiencing is the twenty-first century version of the fear that always takes hold this new technology replaces the old. In fact, as Bilton shows, the digital era we are part of is, in all its creative and disruptive forms, the foundation for exciting and engaging experiences not only for business but society as well.

Both visionary and practical, I Live in the Future & Here’s How It Works captures the zeitgeist of an emerging age, providing the understanding of how a radically changed media world is influencing human behavior:

  • With a walk on the wild side – through the porn industry – we see how this business model is leading the way, adapting product to consumer needs and preferences and beading piracy.
  • By understanding how the Internet is creating a new type of consumer, the “consumnivore,” living in a world where immediacy trumps quality and quantity, we see who is dictating the type of content being created.
  • Through exploring the way our brains are adapting, we gain a new understanding of the positive effect of new media narratives on thinking and action.
  • Why social networks, the openness of the Internet, and handy new gadgets are not just vehicles for telling the world what you had for breakfast but are becoming the foundation for “anchoring communities” that tame information overload.
  • Why the map of tomorrow is centred on “Me,” and why that simple fact means a totally new approach to the way media company shape content.
  • Why people pay for experiences, not content, enabling businesses to engage with customers in new ways by creating unique and meaningful experiences.

I Live in the Future & Here’s How It Works walks its own talk by creating a unique reader experience: “QR” codes embedded in both print and eBook versions will take you directly to Bilton’s website (www.NickBilton.com), where you can access videos of the author further developing his point of view and also delve into the research that was key to shaping the central ideas of the book. The website will also offer links to related content and the ability to comment on a chapter, allowing you to join the conversation.

Nick Bilton is the lead technology writer for the New York Times Bits blog and a reporter for the paper. His work weaves together many different fields of storytelling, including journalism, design, technology, user-interface, documentary film, advertising, and hardware hacking, and how these fields will shape the future. At the Times, he has also worked in the research and development labs, peering into the future and helping chart a path for the future of news.