Bots: The Origin of New Species. Andrew Leonard. Hardwired.

Bots: The Origin of New Species Book Cover Bots: The Origin of New Species
Andrew Leonard
July 1997

Bots is the story of cyberspace’s first indigenous species. These bots – mere strings of code – are now poised to change our lives. They are as close to us as the nearest computer. They live autonomously on the Net as stand-ins for our drives and desires. They collect things for us. They correct things for us. They do what we want them to do. They do what we don’t want them to do.

Bots will soon be is crucial to you as your car, your newspaper, your reference books, and your credit cards. You will only be as good as your bots.

Andrew Leonard recounts the saga of these software robots in all its quirkiness: from the trials and tribulations of artificial intelligence to the hilarious lifestyles of the first bots and the havoc they set in motion. Meet your new servants – and tormentors.

Andrew Leonard is a contributing writer for Wired magazine, a columnist for Salon, and has written about techno-culture for a variety of publications. He lives in Berkeley, California, with his wife Jeni and daughter Tiana.