Community Visions, Community Solutions: Grantmaking for Comprehensive Impact. Joseph A. Connor, Stephanie Kadel-Taras. Fieldstone Alliance.

Community Visions, Community Solutions: Grantmaking for Comprehensive Impact Book Cover Community Visions, Community Solutions: Grantmaking for Comprehensive Impact
Joseph A. Connor, Stephanie Kadel-Taras
Fieldstone Alliance
February 2003

Fragmented problems and fractured resources. Power issues and turf protection. The appearance of collaboration without real substance. Small wonder so many funders get frustrated – and so many community problems go unsolved.

It doesn’t have to be that way. By focusing on solutions – by helping communities uncover and explore their highest aspirations, and by supporting and sustaining systematic, strategic efforts to reach them – funders can be the lasting change they want to see. Based on five years of research and hands-on experience, Community Visions, Community Solutions is for any funder who wants to encourage, enable, and be a real part of community problem-solving.

Filled with fresh ideas, concrete strategies, wisdom from the field, compelling case studies, and contact information so you can find out more, this book provokes both thought and action, fosters new ideas, and leads to solutions.

Joseph A. “Jay” Connor is the founder and CEO of the Collaboratory for Community Support in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Before founding the Collaboratory, he was president and CEO of Nonprofit Enterprise at Work (NEW), a nonprofit management support organization.

Stephanie Kadel-Taras is director of research and publications for the Collaboratory. She has more than twelve years of experience in research, writing, and management in nonprofit and government organizations. She has also served as director of education at Nonprofit Enterprise at Work (NEW).

This is second in a series of funder’s guides published by the Amherst H. Wilder Foundation in collaboration with Grantmakers for Effective Organizations (GEO).