The Empty Ocean. Richard Ellis. Shearwater Books.

The Empty Ocean Book Cover The Empty Ocean
Richard Ellis
Shearwater Books
July 18, 2003

The earth’s oceans, once teeming with life, are now increasingly threatened by killings on a stunning scale and extinction of entire species. Acclaimed author and artist Richard Ellis here tells the story of the great losses our seas have suffered and what we can do to help them recover. Through captivating portraits of a wide array of creatures, Ellis introduces us to the many forms of sea life that human beings have fished, hunted, and collected over the centuries, from charismatic whales and dolphins to the lowly menhaden, from sea turtles to cod, tuna, and coral.

Rich in history, anecdote, and surprising fact, the authors descriptions bring to life the natural history of marine species, the threats they face, and their continued struggles for survival. Ellis finds instances of hope and resilience, of species that have begun to make remarkable comebacks when given the opportunity.

Written with passion and grace, and illustrated with Ellis’s own drawings, The Empty Ocean gives us a compelling and panoramic view of our relations with the sea around us.

Richard Ellis is the author of 14 books, including The Book of Whales, Monsters of the Sea, The Book of Sharks, Imagining Atlantis, The Search for the Giant Squid, and Aquagenesis. A research associate at the American Museum of Natural History in New York and a contributor to many magazines, Mr. Ellis is also a celebrated artist. His paintings and drawings of marine life have been exhibited in museums around the world.