Robots Unlimited: Life in a Virtual Age. David Levy. A. K. Peters.

Robots Unlimited: Life in a Virtual Age Book Cover Robots Unlimited: Life in a Virtual Age
David Levy
A. K. Peters
November 16, 2005

In the 50 years since the inception of artificial intelligence, computer scientists have made remarkable achievements that can be seen in computer games, children’s toys, your home PC, and nearly every facet of human life. In this popular approach to understanding AI, David Levy captures the essence, excitement, and potential of Artificial Intelligence. He lays the factual foundations for his intriguing speculations by presenting the history of AI from its earliest conception to the present day. He then considers the most recent advances and makes predictions about the future of this burgeoning science.

David Levy has worked in the field of Artificial Intelligence since graduating from St. Andrews University, Scotland, in 1967. He led the team that won the 1997 Loebner Prize competition in New York – a kind of World Championship for conversational software. In1968 David became the first human target in the struggle between man and machine when he started a landmark wager with four artificial intelligence luminaries that no computer program would win a chess match against him within ten years (which he won).

David has written more than 40 books on Chess and Computer Games. He is founder of the Computer Olympiad, founder and chief organizer of the annual Mind Sports Olympiad, and President of the International Computer Games Association. He was Chairman of the Rules and Arbitration Committee for the Kasparov vs. Deep Junior Chess match in New York, 2003. He lives in London with his wife and three cats.