Metapatterns. Tyler Volk. Columbia University Press.

Metapatterns Book Cover Metapatterns
Tyler Volk
Columbia University Press
April 15, 1995

In the interdisciplinary tradition of Buckminster Fuller’s work, Gregory Bateson’s Mind and Nature, and Fritjof Capra’s Tao Of Physics, Metapatterns embraces both nature and culture, seeking out the grand scale patterns that help explain the functioning of our universe.

Metapatterns begins with the archetypal patterns of space, both form building and relational. Tyler Volk then turns to the arrows, breaks, and cycles that infuse the workings of time. With artful dexterity, he brings together many layers of comprehension, drawing on an astounding range of material from art, architecture, philosophy, mythology, biology, geometry, and the atmospheric and oceanographic sciences.

Richly illustrating his metapatterns with a series of sophisticated collages prepared for this book, Volk offers an exciting new look at science and the imagination. As playful and intuitive as it is logical and explanatory, Metapatterns offers an enlightening view of the functional, universal forms of space, processes and time, and concepts in mind.

Tyler Volk is Associate Professor in the Earth Systems Group of New York University’s Biology Department. A passion for the interdisciplinary and a heart full of biophilia have spurred him to explore metapatterns for two decades. Volk holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture and a Ph.D. in Applied Science. He has taught at the School of Visual Arts in Cooper Union, both in New York City. Spanning the technical to the popular, his articles have appeared in such magazines as Nature, New Scientist, The Sciences, and Natural History.