Cyborg Citizen: Politics in the Posthuman Age. Chris Hables Gray. Routledge.

Cyborg Citizen: Politics in the Posthuman Age Book Cover Cyborg Citizen: Politics in the Posthuman Age
Chris Hables Gray
December 20, 2000

The growing synergy of humans and technology – from dialysis to genetically altered foods to PET scans – is transforming how we view our minds and our bodies. But how has it changed the body politic? How can we forge a society that protects the rights of human and cyborg alike?

The creator of the cult classic The Cyborg Handbook, Chris Hables Gray now offers the first guide to “posthuman” politics, framing the key issues that could threaten or brighten our technological future. For good or ill, politics has already been cyborged in ways that touch us all. Cyberdemocracy is changing mainstream politics. Wars are being fought with cyborg soldiers and illusions of virtuality. Biotechnological advances – cloning, sexual prostheses, gene patents – are redefining life and the family in ways that strain the social contract. Even death itself is being reconfigured.

Only with a broad, historically rich, and ethically grounded understanding of these issues, Gray argues, can we combat the threats to our freedom and even our survival. A work of vision and imagination, Cyborg Citizen lays the groundwork for the participatory evolution of our society.

Chris Hables Gray is a cyberculture expert and social activist who is editor of The Cyborg Handbook and author of Postmodern War. He has worked for NASA, the Smithsonian Institutions, and the computer industry, and is currently Associate Professor of Cultural Studies of Science and Technology at the University of Great Falls and Montana and Core Faculty for the Union Institute.