The Design Activist’s Handbook: How to Change the World (Or at Least Your Part of It) with Socially Conscious Design. Noah Scalin. HOW Books.

The Design Activist's Handbook: How to Change the World (Or at Least Your Part of It) with Socially Conscious Design Book Cover The Design Activist's Handbook: How to Change the World (Or at Least Your Part of It) with Socially Conscious Design
Noah Scalin
HOW Books
October 5, 2012

We want you! Will you join the ranks of design activists?

Doing good is too important to think of as work better left to those fictitious “other” designers. People more famous. More talented. More connected. Richer. Younger. Braver. (Insert your own mental roadblock here.) In truth, anyone can be a design activist.

It just starts with a commitment to yourself and your values. A commitment to making conscious choices and realizing how all the decisions you make as a graphic designer affect other people and the planet. It’s about being awake instead of sliding by with the way things have always been done.

This book is for every graphic designer who’s ever sat at a computer, thinking: Is this it? Isn’t there more? It’s a tool to help you figure out how to start making a difference and making a living at the same time – no matter where you live and work right now.

Just open this book and we’ll help you start walking in the right direction. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Little actions from a lot of people add up to big change. This isn’t a contest about who’s the greenest or the most radical. It’s a movement, and were inviting you to join right now.

Based in Richmond, Virginia, Noah Scalin is an artist and designer, and founder of the socially conscious design and consulting firm Another Limited Rebellion. A lifelong activist, his first protest marches were spent in a stroller and then on roller skates. A former art director for independent movie studio Troma Entertainment and international clothing company Avirex, Noah used his experience with youth marketing and passion for grassroots activism to create his own ethically driven firm in 2001.

He’s also an adjunct faculty member at Virginia Commonwealth University where he teaches Design Rebels, the course he created on socially conscious graphic design. Noah’s fine art has been exhibited internationally and his award-winning project Skull-a-Day ( was the subject of his first book Skulls. His recent books include 365: A Daily Creativity Journal and Unstuck: Fifty-Two Ways to Get (and Keep) Your Creativity Flowing at Home, at Work and in Your Studio.

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