Boom!: Seven Choices for Blowing the Doors Off Business-As-Usual. Kevin Freiberg, Jackie Freiberg. Thomas Nelson.

Boom!: Seven Choices for Blowing the Doors Off Business-As-Usual Book Cover Boom!: Seven Choices for Blowing the Doors Off Business-As-Usual
Kevin Freiberg, Jackie Freiberg
Thomas Nelson
September 16, 2007

When you realize your career is a result of choices and not conditions, the effect is absolutely liberating. You begin to think big and act bold. You become impassioned and engaged. Coworkers look to you for leadership and inspiration. You close the gap between the corporate culture you envision and the one in which you work. In a word, you become “indispensable” on the job.

After twenty years of talking to America’s most innovative and unconventional business leaders and liberated employees, the Freibergs have distilled this collective wisdom into seven essential choices. If you’re ready to move from a life stuck in neutral to the freedom of seeing work as an exciting and passionate adventure, then BOOM! is your ticket. Expand your influence and engage in work that matters!

  • Are you tired of blaming your unhappiness and lack of job satisfaction on others? Then it’s time to read Choice #2: Be Accountable – There Is No “THEY” – Only You and Me.
  • Are you constantly asking negative, defensive questions like “why is this happening to me?” Then it’s time to make Choice #4: Focus Forward – Your Future Is Not in the Review Mirror.
  • Are you always tempted to play it safe and stay within your tightly defined comfort zone? Then it’s time to embrace Choice #7: Risk More/Gain More – The World Isn’t Changed by Those Who Are Unwilling to Take Risks.

Leadership doesn’t come from having an official title but from making choices: to serve others, take on risk, assume responsibility and discover a life where passion and excitement replace ho-hum routine. BOOM! is a wake-up call for every person who wants to make a difference and every business leader who wants to change the DNA of an organization doing business as usual.

Drs. Kevin and Jackie Freiberg are two of the most influential voices on the professional speaking circuit today. Their mission: to create corporate cultures where impassioned people exercise the freedom to make a difference and change the world! The Freibergs have co-authored the international bestseller, NUTS! Southwest Airlines’ Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal Success, and GUTS! Companies that Blow the Doors off Business-As-Usual. They have been interviewed by CBS’s 60 Minutes and appeared on a CNBC and the CBS Morning News for their insights on the links between gutsy leaders, passionate employees, cultures of accountability, and loyal customers.