An Economic History of the Western World. Harry Elmer Barnes. Harcourt, Brace and Company.

An Economic History of the Western World Book Cover An Economic History of the Western World
Harry Elmer Barnes
Harcourt, Brace and Company

Here is an introduction to the economic achievements of man within Western civilization from pre-literary times to the present. It traces the development of economic life from the fist-hatchet to automatic machinery and synthetic foods, from tribal barter to international exchange, from the predatory raids of tribesmen to the contemporary holding-company, from primitive notions of property to the property clauses in the great European legal codes of our day.

The volume is intended to tell the story of man’s economic history in the most literal and direct sense. No preconceived notions or historical dogmas have guided its execution. The disdain of the radical has been braved in presenting a wealth of material with respect to the positive achievements of modern industry and capitalistic enterprise. And, equally, the wrath of the reactionary has been frankly faced in setting forth candidly the facts relative to the wastes and abuses of capitalism in our own day. This history borrows generously from the author’s “The History of Western Civilization,” the economic and social parts of which were especially praised.

Harry Elmer Barnes is an outstanding journalist, teacher, writer, and one of the few major American historians.