Superior Teams: What They Are and How to Develop Them. Dennis C. Kinlaw. Gower Publishing Company.

Superior Teams: What They Are and How to Develop Them Book Cover Superior Teams: What They Are and How to Develop Them
Dennis C. Kinlaw
Gower Publishing Company
April 1998

‘The book reflects my conviction that the number one priority of organizations should be to change every work unit into a superior team and to make superior teamwork the norm’ writes Dennis Kinlaw in his preface to Superior Teams.

The methods he describes have been derived from the workplace and tested in the workplace. They combine Kinlaw’s research and what makes superior teams superior and his experience and leading several hundred Superior Team Development workshops. The book contains:

  • an informed discussion of the nature of teams and teamwork
  • guidelines for identifying opportunities for forming and using teams
  • details of the organizational and leadership strategies required to support teams and a team-centred organization
  • a step-by-step programme for developing superior work teams
  • the model for Superior Team Development and Performance
  • a description of the Superior Team Development Inventory.

Superior Teams provides the framework, the inspiration, and the tools needed to turn a good team into a superior one.

Dennis C Kinlaw is an American author and researcher specializing in management education and organization. He has acted as a consultant to more than 50 organizations, including NASA, MCI, General Electric, and Boeing, and is written and lectured extensively on teamwork and related subjects. Previous publications include The Practice of Empowerment and Coaching, published by Gower.