Transformational Learning: Renewing Your Company Through Knowledge and Skills. Daniel R. Tobin. Wiley.

Transformational Learning: Renewing Your Company Through Knowledge and Skills Book Cover Transformational Learning: Renewing Your Company Through Knowledge and Skills
Daniel R. Tobin
March 9, 1996

In their headlong rush to transform themselves to meet the challenges of global competition, companies have invested billions in new technologies and grand reengineering schemes. In all too many cases, the outcomes of been smaller, disgruntled staffs and, from a competitive standpoint, business as usual, or worse. As Daniel R. Tobin demonstrates in this groundbreaking book, while technology may help to facilitate change, change always originates with people. That’s why today’s most successful businesses are those in which individuals at every level – from the mailroom to the executive suite – are committed to acquiring new knowledge and skills that will help the company win the battle for market share. While the concept of the learning organization is not new – it has been a major theme in corporate America ever since Peter Senge’s 1990 classic The Fifth Discipline – until now, no single source provided the tools needed to translate that vision into everyday reality.

The first nuts-and-bolts guide to building a learning organization, Transformational Learning supplies step-by-step guidance and the tools you need to put learning organization concepts into daily practice. You’ll learn how to align your group’s learning initiatives with long-range company goals, develop a renewable learning system, measure the group’s learning “vital signs,” develop partnerships with key leaders throughout the organization, and much more. And with the help of many instructive and inspiring case studies from major North American and international companies, including Corning, PPG, Amoco, and Sun Microsystems, you’ll discover how real people have successfully implemented transformational learning principles to help their organizations bounce back from crises, sustain and magnify successes, and forge a powerful new competitive edge.

Drawing upon more than 20 years of experience as a leading corporate education expert, Tobin also introduces an array of original tools and techniques that have yielded remarkable results in case after case. He describes a dynamic new model that helps companies maximize the capture and use of crucial information. He details a revolutionary approach to benchmarking that helps you zero in on and exploit the best knowledge and skill resources available both within and outside your company. And he provides a comprehensive new method for building a knowledge network and tying it effectively into your company’s transformational goals.

A comprehensive guide to making learning organizational principles a practical reality in your organization, Transformational Learning is a must-read for every manager, executive, and team leader.

Daniel R. Tobin, PhD, is a consultant in the field of developing corporate learning systems with more than 20 years of experience in the field of training and education. His clients include AT&T, EDS, and Mercury Marine. Doctor Tobin earned his doctorate in the economics of education from Cornell University. He is a frequent speaker for groups such as the American Society for Training and Development and the International Society for Performance Improvement, and the author of the critically acclaimed Re-Educating the Corporation.