Liberating the Corporate Soul: Building a Visionary Organization. Richard Barrett. Routledge.

Liberating the Corporate Soul: Building a Visionary Organization Book Cover Liberating the Corporate Soul: Building a Visionary Organization
Richard Barrett
July 20, 2011

This is not a book for the faint-hearted or those who lack the courage to live in alignment with their deepest motivations. It is a book for those who know there is a better way to do business. A way that encourages every employee to become all they can become. A way that allows people to bring their deepest values to work and have them celebrated. A way that welcomes diversity as a pathway to innovation. A way that puts reengineering into a transformational framework, refocusing it as a tool for health maintenance rather than radical surgery. A way that seeks to create symbiotic alliances with customers, suppliers, the local community, and society at large in a way that supports the evolution of the planet and the human race.

Many of those who have openly declared their allegiance to these new principles of business have been the subject of scathing media reports when they have not been able to live up to their espoused values. These pioneers should be thanked not ridiculed. To fall short of living by a higher set of standards is not an occasion for review, but an occasion for learning. All those who care about the future of our children and the future of the planet owe these pioneers of our heartfelt gratitude. They have demonstrated that it is possible to change the philosophy of business and be financially successful. This book is dedicated to these people and all those that have the courage to explore three of the most exciting new frontiers of business – employee fulfillment, social responsibility, and compassionate capitalism.

Richard Barrett is a fellow of the World Business Academy and former Values Coordinator at the World Bank. He Started the World Bank Spiritual Unfoldment Society in 1993 and organized the World Bank’s First International Conference on Ethics, Spiritual Values, and Sustainable Development in 1995. He left the World Bank in June 1997 to set up Richard Barrett and Associates LLC, an international Leadership and Management Consulting firm.