Knowledge Enterprise, The: Implementation of Intelligent Business Strategies. J. Friso Den Hertog, Edward Huizenga. Imperial College Press.

Knowledge Enterprise, The: Implementation of Intelligent Business Strategies Book Cover Knowledge Enterprise, The: Implementation of Intelligent Business Strategies
J. Friso Den Hertog, Edward Huizenga
Imperial College Press
January 24, 2000

Price and quality alone are no longer sufficient to gain competitive advantage. It is high-value knowledge which provides the opportunities for adding exclusive value to products and services. At the same time, the development of knowledge is gaining momentum. Knowledge is becoming obsolete more quickly and becomes more complex. The danger of this development is that organizations will continue to play the same competitive game and are often unaware that they are lagging behind.

This book provides organizations with a way to shift the knowledge ambition and realize it in practice. For this purpose, an intelligent business strategy is offered based on the experiences of seven market leaders in The Netherlands combined with modern insights from the organizational theory. The Netherlands is presently the country with the highest productivity in commercial services.

The authors devote much attention to the tools available to the knowledge enterprise, such as lateral structures, personnel management and information technology.

Friso den Hertog is Professor of Technology, Organizational Design and Policy at the Masstrict Economic Research Institute on Innovation and Technology (MERIT), Maastrict University. He is also a senior consultant with Altuition bv in ‘s Hertohenbosch, The Netherlands. Friso den Hertog did his studies in organizational psychology at the University of Leiden before joining Philips, where he worked as an internal consultant and organization researcher. He obtained his PhD on job design from Delft Technical University in 1975. Friso den Hertog’s current research interests are in knowledge management and the knowledge enterprise, organizational innovation, and research methods in organization science.

Edward Huizenga is an economist and works as a strategy and business development consultant with Altuition. Altuition is a management consultancy firm specialized in tracing and developing business opportunities inspired by information and communication technology (ICT). Edward Huizenga studied economics and business Administration at Maastricht University and the University of Zaragoza, Spain. Before joining Altuition in 1998, he worked as a business research fellow at MERIT, where he conducted a PhD project on innovation management in the ICT sector, for the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO). His management interests are in the areas of strategic management, organization of product and process development, and knowledge management practices.