Working in Organisations. Andrew Kakabadse, Ron Ludlow, Susan Vinnicombe. Penguin.

Working in Organisations Book Cover Working in Organisations
Andrew Kakabadse, Ron Ludlow, Susan Vinnicombe
August 2, 1988

What is management all about? What makes an outstanding leader? And how do organisations work?

Those great issues have been studied for decades but they confront working managers every day of their lives. In Working in Organisations three specialists in the field have listened carefully to the questions managers always ask; their answers are perceptive case histories which relate academic theory to the real world. They consider the most common management problems – joining a new company and dealing with groups, improving communications and getting the best in people – and show how vital skills in these areas can be enhanced.

How can a manager’s talents be used within an organisation? It is only by learning to understand the structures and power struggles in a company that a manager can make a personal impact, change its direction and get it to function more efficiently. Indeed, ‘working the organisation’ may today be the most essential technique of all. This clear and comprehensive new book provides just the combination of research and common sense that all managers will need for guidance.

Andrew Kakabadse, Ron Ludlow and Susan Vinnicombe are all on the staff of the Cranfield School of management in Bedford.

Andrew Kakabadse worked in the health and social services field and from there undertook various consultancy assignments concerned with local government re-organisation and large capital projects in developing countries. He is professor of management development at the Cranfield School of Management and is consultant to numerous organisations, including banks, high-tech companies, public-sector organisations and multinational corporations. He has consulted and lectured all over the world and has recently completed a major world study of chief executives. Andrew Kakabadse has published over sixty articles and fourteen books, including the bestselling books Politics of Management and Wealth Creators. He holds positions on the boards of a number of companies and educational institutions. He is also external examiner for several universities. He is editor of the Journal of Managerial Psychology.

Ron Ludlow is Senior Lecturer in Organisational Behavior and Director of Cranfield’s Asia Pacific Programmes. After a successful career in the Royal Navy, he worked for seventeen years in industry, including seven as Managing Director of a manufacturing company in five years as a Group Director in the construction industry. He has experience in teaching, research and consultancy projects nationally and internationally, in the areas of organisational structure and design, recruitment and selection, performance appraisal, career development, leadership and communication in both the public and private sectors. He is co-author of seven books and video training programs and has written several articles. He is presently researching into course and case study designed to meet management development needs in the Asia Pacific region.

Susan Vinnicombe is Senior Lecturer in Organisational Behavior. As well as working in industry, she has taught, researched and consulted widely in the areas of motivation, communication, group dynamics and the role of women in organisations. She is Director of the National Organisation of Women in Management Education and has written one previous book and numerous articles.