Trend Tracking: The System to Profit from Today’s Trends. Gerald Celente, Tom Milton. Wiley.

Trend Tracking: The System to Profit from Today's Trends Book Cover Trend Tracking: The System to Profit from Today's Trends
Gerald Celente, Tom Milton
April 17, 1990

Trend Tracking offers a rare opportunity to take full advantage of resources previously available only to the clients of the Socio-Economic Research Institute of America. This ground-breaking book puts a very powerful tool in your hands – the Globalnomic system, developed and fine-tuned by Gerald Celente and the Institute to identify today’s trends and profit from them.

Bound to be the most important investment you’ll make this year, Trend Tracking offers you:

  • Easy-to-use guidelines for setting up your own trend tracking system using readily available sources such as major newspapers and magazines
  • New ideas for distinguishing trends from fads, fact from fantasy, and real news from headline news and sensationalism
  • Insightful overviews of the major trends that change and shape society: the media, politics, the family, education, health, the environment, the military, the economy and globalization
  • A user-friendly blueprint for success – helps you devise corporate and personal strategies to profit from the emerging trends
  • An A-to-Z directory of profit opportunities – from adult care to zoning
  • A directory of information sources for trend tracking

Destined to become the survival guide for executives, entrepreneurs, professionals, strategy planners, marketers, advertisers, educators, college students, and government officials, Trend Tracking will be of enormous value to anyone who wants to anticipate the future by identifying and tracking today’s trends.

Gerald Celente, a pioneer trends analyst, is Director of the Social-Economic Research Institute of America. The Institute, based in Rhinebeck, New York, is a consortium of experts from many fields including economics, education, healthcare, marketing, and finance. Among other major events, the Institute for cast the global stock market crash of 1987.  Mr. Celente advises major corporations on translating trends into strategies, products, and services.

Tom Milton is Senior Fellow of the Socio-Economic Research Institute of America and Assistant Professor of economics and finance at Mercy College, Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. A former senior officer at Citicorp, international investment banker, and founder of Development Services International, Inc., he has worked extensively as a consultant to multinational corporations and Third World governments as well as small businesses. Mr. Milton began his career as a writer for The Wall Street Journal.