The Resilient Organization: How Adaptive Cultures Thrive Even When Strategy Fails. Liisa Välikangas. McGraw-Hill.

The Resilient Organization: How Adaptive Cultures Thrive Even When Strategy Fails Book Cover The Resilient Organization: How Adaptive Cultures Thrive Even When Strategy Fails
Liisa Välikangas
June 14, 2010

One of the most powerful trends born of the New Recession, resilience has become the operative word for business leaders and entrepreneurs facing an unpredictable market. On the forefront of this movement, global innovator and strategy consultant Professor Liisa Valikangas has created a step-by-step system of proven survival strategies you can put into action immediately.

Whether you need to bounce back from a downturn, take a fight to new competitors, or change your game plan at a moment’s notice, The Resilient Organization shows you how to rethink your current strategies – and rebuild your company’s foundation – using four basic tools…

  • INNOVATION with high-impact and low overhead
  • DESIGN that is robust, sustainable, and evolvable
  • ADAPTABILITY to changing circumstances
  • STRENTH in the face of adversity

By creating a culture of resilience in your organization, you will be prepared for any challenge the future might hold. The Resilient Organization‘s fascinating case studies provide real-world examples of resilience in action: how to recover faster from hardships, how to experiment on new opportunities in a timely manner, how to avoid repeating bad business decisions, and when to scrap old strategies that just don’t work anymore. Using the time-tested principles of resilience, you can find golden opportunities in any situation – whether it’s tough competition, reduced resources, or a roller-coaster market.

If you’re strategically resilient, you not only survive crises, but you can turn these crises into opportunities.

Liisa Valikangas, Ph.D., is Professor of innovation management at the Aalto School of Economics (formerly Helsinki School of Economics) in Finland. She is the cofounder and President of Innovation Democracy, a nonprofit global organization dedicated to supporting local innovation and entrepreneurship. Her research on innovation, strategy, and organization has been published in Harvard Business Review, MIT/Sloan Management Review, and the Wall Street Journal. With Gary Hamel, she co-authored the Harvard Business Review article “The Quest for Resilience” and cofounded the Woodside Institute, a research organization dedicated to advancing management innovation. Professor Valikangas currently divides her time between Helsinki and California.