The Different Drum: Community Making and Peace. M. Scott Peck. Simon & Schuster.

The Different Drum: Community Making and Peace Book Cover The Different Drum: Community Making and Peace
M. Scott Peck
Simon & Schuster
June 15, 1987

In The Road Less Traveled, M. Scott Peck, M.D., led millions of readers on a rewarding journey of psychological and spiritual development. Now, in his profound and powerful new book, he challenges us to take another journey and self-awareness: to achieve, through the creative experience of community, a new “connectedness” and wholeness which, in turn, can be shared by all the peoples and nations of the world.

The experience of true community has a unique way of communicating, sharing our deepest thoughts and feelings without fear or guilt. Writing with the insight and immediacy of his pioneering work in creating communities in every part of the country, Dr. Peck describes the exhilarating process by which we join together, whatever our cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs, overcome our prejudices, transcend our differences, and learn to accept and love ourselves and each other. With fascinating stories and case histories, he reveals that the steps we must take toward achieving community are surprisingly similar to the steps we must take toward achieving wholeness and maturity in our human growth.

In The Different Drum, Dr. Peck shows us how to make the leap from individual growth to small-group community, and ultimately to global community. The failure to make the leap, he warns us, we’ll merely fuel those negative forces in our society – from institutions of government and certain areas of the Christian church to the cult of nationalism and the collective madness of the arms race – that threaten to destroy our world.

In his concrete proposals for change, M. Scott Peck calls for sanity in the way we conduct our personal lives and our relationships with others, and for rational conduct of nations in a world that is gone insane. His forceful message speaks directly to all of us as a source of courage and hope.

Dr. M. Scott Peck is the best-selling author of The Road Less Traveled, People of the Lie, and What Return Can I Make? Educated at Harvard University and Case Western Reserve, he served in the Army Medical Corps from 1963 to 1972. Dr. Peck had a private practice in psychiatry from 1972 until 1983. He is a founder of the Foundation for Community Encouragement, a nonprofit organization for promoting community and world understanding. The recipient of the first Kaleidoscope Award for creative ministry in peacemaking, Dr. Peck travels extensively, speaking to religious groups and professional associations nationwide. He and his wife, Lily, who has been a psychotherapist, have three children and live in New Preston, Connecticut.