Return on Strategy: How to Achieve It! Michael Moesgaard, Morten Froholdt, Flemming Poulfelt. Routledge.

Return on Strategy: How to Achieve It! Book Cover Return on Strategy: How to Achieve It!
Michael Moesgaard, Morten Froholdt, Flemming Poulfelt
December 1, 2009

The rationale behind a strategy is to set the future direction of a company. To do this many companies invest heavily in developing a strategy plan with the main focus on capitalizing on the strategy, and thereby achieving the best Return on Strategy as possible.

To develop a successful strategy is mostly hard work combined with diligent and often unconventional thinking. In addition there needs to be a passion for execution to ensure that the strategy is being well implemented all the way through the organization. Therefore, it is interesting to see the outcome of many of those companies who had opted for following the conventional recipes of hallmark literature within the areas of “excellence,” “great companies” and “best practice” or some of the “easy-to-go” recommendations like “It’s all about leadership,” “Only people count,” “Execution is the only thing that matters.” Even for companies used as models for exercise, the outcome turns out badly. In fact a good deal of these end up in a fatal crisis in the traditional sense of the term and fall apart.

The book is neither a handbook on strategy nor book on strategy recipes. Instead it’s a book on how some companies have developed a substantial Return on Strategy. It’s also a book illustrative examples on elements and issues company should work with in order to develop a high Return on Strategy. And like a road map various options on how to get to a destination exist. However, some roots are more fruitful and beneficial than others. In the corporate world companies can use various ways to achieve their strategy, but only one provides the company with the optimal Return on Strategy.