Rapids of Change: Social Entrepreneurship in Turbulent Times. Robert Theobald. Knowledge Systems.

Rapids of Change: Social Entrepreneurship in Turbulent Times Book Cover Rapids of Change: Social Entrepreneurship in Turbulent Times
Robert Theobald
Knowledge Systems

We are living in the rapids of change.

If your goal is a higher quality of life on this planet, if you want to believe that the individual can make a difference, if you are seeking to manage your ride through the rapids more effectively, if you won’t settle for anything less than hoped that is realistic, this book is important reading.

A new style of leader – the social entrepreneur – is already producing working models that show us possible responses to the insurmountable opportunities of our times.

Robert Theobald was born in India and now lives in Arizona and Scotland. Trained as an economist he is usually described as a futurist but he hates all labels. He has spoken in 49 states to every type of audience; consulted with public, private and voluntary organizations; and is a prolific writer on topics of understanding and managing change. He is currently exploring the spiritual issues which are raised in Rapids and working as general editor of a series of books which will enlarge the all-too-brief discussions in this book. Theobald founded Action Linkage, the oldest general networking organization in the United States. He is married and is host to an ever-changing number of walk-in cats.