Managing by Measuring: How to Improve Your Organization’s Performance Through Effective Benchmarking. Mark T. Czarnecki. AMACOM.

Managing by Measuring: How to Improve Your Organization's Performance Through Effective Benchmarking Book Cover Managing by Measuring: How to Improve Your Organization's Performance Through Effective Benchmarking
Mark T. Czarnecki
March 9, 1999)

Shifting buyer patterns, unstable markets, erratic quality – it’s fluctuations like these that can drive you crazy. They are also what make measurement systems such a necessity. Measures add a stable, “scientific” dimension to managing a business. When properly gathered and effectively analyzed, measures serve as a powerful management tool, both the key to avoiding serious mistakes and the catalyst for driving top-notch performance.

Once strictly a manufacturing practice, measurement today is used in every industry and every function to continually improve performance and stay competitive. You can use it too with Managing by Measuring, the most practical how-to guide available for setting up a results-propelling measurement program in your own organization.

From internal human resources measurement to external corporate performance benchmarking, Managing by Measuring supplies not only the background information and step-by-step guidelines to do it right, but also dozens of real-life case studies of measurement programs in use today. You’ll get behind-the-scenes information about companies such as Sears, Sprint, Xerox, Allstate Insurance Company, Texas Instruments, Whirlpool, Chevron, Henry Ford Health System, Sun Microsystems, AT&T, Motorola, Hallmark, and others.

Drawn from an original survey of 23 leading companies, lengthy conversations with participants, and the author’s own extensive knowledge and experience on the subject, managing by measuring shows you how to:

  • Link measurement to corporate strategy and develop a methodology for measurement
  • Gather pertinent data in key areas such as quality, productivity, and cycle time
  • Understand and apply the best measurement tools and techniques
  • Measure and analyze the gap between customer expectations and corporate performance
  • Benchmark your company’s operative performance against industry best practices
  • Monitor your measurement program’s success at achieving stated goals
  • Incorporate measures into business process reengineering efforts
  • Use information systems to improve your measurement program, and more

With Managing by Measuring, executives, senior and middle managers, benchmarking specialists, and quality professionals can turn their companies into high-performance, measurement-managed organizations. It’s the one-stop implementation manual for achieving increased output, higher quality, faster delivery, and improved communications and teamwork through effective measurement programs.

Mark T. Czarnecki, president of The Benchmarking Network, Inc., has conducted major industry studies in the areas of accounting, finance, customer satisfaction, human resources, information systems, marketing, purchasing, warehousing, and more. A certified public accountant, he is a frequent speaker on the topic of benchmarking and is the author of Benchmarking Strategies in Accounting & Finance and Benchmarking Strategies for Healthcare Management. Mr. Czarnecki holds an M.B.A. from Texas Christian University. He lives in Houston, Texas.