It’s Alive: The Coming Convergence of Information, Biology, and Business. Christopher Meyer, Stan Davis. Crown Business.

It's Alive: The Coming Convergence of Information, Biology, and Business Book Cover It's Alive: The Coming Convergence of Information, Biology, and Business
Christopher Meyer, Stan Davis
Crown Business
May 13, 2003

From the bestselling authors of Blur – the defining book of the Information Age – comes a startling glimpse into the near future and the emerging economy that awaits us. It’s Alive foretells the jolt the world is about to receive as the science of molecular evolution races out of the laboratories and into the business world.

Think back to the early 1970s. Imagine the opportunities for your business, career choice, and investments had you received an advance report on the ways in which computer and information technology would revolutionize the world. It’s Alive provides that opportunity today: a realistic and persuasive look into the future – the molecular economy – and how it is starting to overtake and reshape the Information Age. Today’s gene mapping and molecular engineering are equivalent to the introduction of transistor radios at the advent of the information economy. Solid-state technology moved from the labs into the business arena, providing in turn the transistor, the microprocessor, and the modem – and the information business. During the next ten years, molecular technology will follow the same pattern, moving from the lab and into the basic operation of the corporation itself.

Chris Meyer and Stan Davis are our guides in understanding this new future. They show that not only biological systems evolve. The rules of evolution explain the process of change in biology, business, and the economy, thereby providing a management guide to the business world around the corner.

It’s Alive is not science fiction or futurism. It bases its insights and predictions on the impact the molecular economy is already having in such diverse business environments as manufacturing, financial services, and energy. Through in-depth case studies of Capital One Financial, the U.S. Marine Corps, British Petroleum, and the biotech firm Maxygen, Meyer and Davis show how adaptive behavior works in the real world. As the rules of evolution combine with the connected economy, our business world will become unpredictable, volatile, and continually adaptive – in other words, alive.

Christopher Meyer is the Director of the Center for Business Innovation in Cambridge, Massachusetts, a business research and consulting group supported by Adventis and Cap Gemini Ernst & Young. He is also a founder of the BIOS Group, a firm created to develop adaptive software solutions for management, and the co-author (with Stan Davis) of Blur and Future Wealth.

Stan Davis is an independent Boston-based scholar, consultant, and public speaker and a senior fellow of the Center for Business Innovation. He is the author of Future Perfect and co-author of 2020 Vision.