FutureThink. Edie Weiner, Arnold Brown. FT Press.

FutureThink Book Cover FutureThink
Edie Weiner, Arnold Brown
FT Press
September 25, 2005

Being right about the future is critical… but it’s not enough. You need to believe what you see, and respond to it. That requires a fundamentally new and better way of thinking, one that only two leading futurists can bring you. In FutureThink, Edie Weiner and Arnold Brown share the techniques they have used to help hundreds of leading enterprises – including 3M, Merck, and the IRS – anticipate the future and act quickly on what they’ve learned, to get a powerful jump start on the competition.

  • Revealing the hidden patterns of change – trend/countertrend, spirals and pendulums, extremes and middles, multiplier effects, and more
  • The law of large numbers: explaining many of today’s most powerful forces – recognizing the drivers behind everything from deviancy to terrorism
  • Beyond “inattentional blindness”: seeing what’s coming up behind you – practical techniques for supercharging your peripheral vision

These 16 mental paths to insight and foresight will help you see patterns more clearly; weigh choices more effectively; and make bolder, better-informed decisions: choices that don’t just prepare for the future, but transform it.

Edie Weiner is President of Weiner Edrich Brown, Inc., a leading futurist consultancy based in New York City. She has thirty years experience in issues analysis and strategic planning and was the youngest outside woman elected to the board of a major financial institution. A guest lecturer at Wharton and Harvard, her work has appeared in Harvard Business Review and The Wall Street Journal.

Arnold Brown, Chairman of Weiner Edrich Brown, Inc., pioneered strategic scanning for management. His clients have included 3M, the IRS, Merck, and the U.S. Congress. He is a director of the World Future Society.