Creating the Resilient Organization: A RapidResponse Management Program. Edward Deevy. Prentice Hall.

Creating the Resilient Organization: A RapidResponse Management Program Book Cover Creating the Resilient Organization: A RapidResponse Management Program
Edward Deevy
Prentice Hall
January 1, 1995

In the future, there will be two types of organizations: those that are agile and responsive and those that will be swallowed up in the avalanche of change. After struggling for over a decade to “repair” organizations with a succession of improvement technologies (Quality Circles, TQM, Business Process Reengineering), business leaders now recognize that time is short and more dynamic “total transformations” are necessary.

Creating the Resilient Organization offers a powerful alternative to failed, mechanical “fix” approaches. Emphasizing the creation of corporate “learning cultures” and giving employees a stake in their company’s success, it provides a visionary new model for installing corporate organizations that are flexible and resilient in the face of turbulence and unrelenting change.

In this timely guide, forward-thinking executives will find:

  • The three “secrets” of rapid-response management
  • Methods for identifying “resilient employees” who can most help organizations cope with difficult, unexpected challenges
  • A recipe for unleashing the forces of corporate self-organization and self-renewal
  • Business Process Redesign, a tool that can be used by organizations to streamline bureaucratic processes
  • Methods for encouraging a “paradigm shift” in which middle managers “buy in” to long-range goals and plans
  • Guidelines for overcoming the difficulties inherent in changing the culture of companies and institutions
  • Real-world advice on avoiding employee “battle fatigue” and maintaining a consistently high level of energy and commitment
  • A wealth of diagrams, tables, worksheets and checklists that can be used to implement, monitor and control the transformation process

Creating the Resilient Organization provides practical tools and proven methods for creating the agile, flexible enterprises necessary to survive and prosper in the next century.

Dr. Edward Deevy is a managing partner of Deevy Gilligan International, a firm specializing in providing change management consultation to companies throughout North America and Europe. An internationally respected authority on the human aspects of change, Dr. Deevy has presented his breakthrough ideas in workshops and speeches to thousands of executives and managers.