Business Blindspots: Replacing Your Company’s Entrenched and Outdated Myths, Beliefs and Assumptions With the Realities of Today’s Markets. Benjamin Gilad. Probus Professional.

Business Blindspots: Replacing Your Company's Entrenched and Outdated Myths, Beliefs and Assumptions With the Realities of Today's Markets Book Cover Business Blindspots: Replacing Your Company's Entrenched and Outdated Myths, Beliefs and Assumptions With the Realities of Today's Markets
Benjamin Gilad
Probus Professional
October 1993

General Motors, IBM, Sears – market leaders who fell from grace. Westinghouse, Citibank, Hoffman-LaRoche, Schwinn, American Express – very successful companies who stumbled in the face of changing realities. The list goes on and on. Numerous companies have succumbed to an organizational “disease” caused by the spread of business blindspots.

Business Blindspots presents a breakthrough in managerial thinking about the causes of long-term competitive decline. Ben Gilad not only explains the pitfalls, but also teaches you how your company can avoid them. Gilad, a renowned competitive intelligence expert who has seen first-hand the effect of blindspots on business performance, describes what they are and how they can destroy what your company has worked hard to achieve. These include:

  • Corporate Myths: Wrong but pervasive beliefs about one’s own capabilities and strengths
  • Corporate Taboos: Whole areas of activities no one dares question
  • Unchecked Assumptions: Assumptions about competitors, customers and technology that fail to meet a market test

Competitiveness is based on knowledge. The way companies acquire knowledge from their markets and apply it will determine their ability to survive into the 21st century. The competitive learning process is more essential to survival and growth than any other management process. Companies which continue to rely on dated or informal practices and haphazard efforts are certain to lose touch with customers.

Business Blindspots explains for the first time how and why successful business executives may fail to keep up with changes in their markets, within their customer base and in their rivals’ game plans. Gilad then offers a solution – an “immune system” – which is revolutionary in its effectiveness. Written in a highly entertaining and enlightening style, this book provides detailed prescriptions for fighting the onset and the destructive effects of corporate blind spots, such as:

  • Qualitative tests to diagnose your organization’s susceptibility to managerial blindness
  • Reorganization of the president’s office
  • Structural, cultural, political and personal changes needed to foster competitive intelligence throughout the organization

Full of examples and anecdotes from great strategic successes and failures, Business Blindspots‘ innovative concepts and practical solutions make this a breakthrough book for managers and executives facing the global, competitive pressure-cooker of the ’90s.

Benjamin Gilad, Ph.D., is the leading “guru” of the new corporate function of competitive intelligence. He is a pioneer in writing, lecturing and consulting about competitive intelligence, and was responsible for the creation of the first executive briefing on organizing a competitive intelligence function, sponsored by Business Week magazine in 1984. His previous work on business intelligence was translated into Hebrew and Japanese, and his articles on the subject of competitive intelligence have appeared in the leading business periodicals in the United States.

Gilad is an Associate Professor of management at Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey and a veteran of the Israeli police intelligence community. In recent years, Gilad has traveled the globe lecturing, training managers and organizing intelligence functions for some of the world’s most successful firms. Is the author of The Business Intelligence System (AMACOM, 1988), and in 1992 he won the prestigious Lady Davis Fellowship to teach competitive intelligence to Israeli managers.