Bold New World: The Essential Road Map to the Twenty-First Century. William Knoke. Kodansha.

Bold New World: The Essential Road Map to the Twenty-First Century Book Cover Bold New World: The Essential Road Map to the Twenty-First Century
William Knoke
January 1996

Today’s world is changing so rapidly that the next twenty-five years will render the emerging society unrecognizable to most of us now living. Our civilization is undergoing major restructuring in the ways we create wealth, govern ourselves, and educate our children – and no aspect of our lives and jobs will be untouched by these transformations. But how, in the most concrete terms, will the future be different? And what can each of us do to prepare for the changes?

William Knoke, investment banker and visionary futurist, believes it is not the much-touted information age that best defines the new era, but rather what he names the Placeless Society. Revolutions in communications and transportation are ushering us into the Age of Everything-Everywhere, where people and goods often move instantaneously from one location to another. He shows us that because “near equals far,” all the equations by which national power, corporate wealth, and personal influence have been calculated must be radically redrawn.

Just as Future Shock became a touchstone of the 1970s and Megatrends offered key insights during the 1980s, Bold New World examines our rapidly changing society on the eve of the new millennium and foresees the world in the decades to come. Knoke doesn’t just describe trends; he analyses the dynamic forces that link them, which are creating chains of cause and effect already rippling out into the next century. In brief, imaginary episodes that open each chapter, Knoke illustrates how these trends will affect the everyday lives of people around the world, from CEOs to migrant workers. After sketching these lives, he returns to his ever-practical examination of the future, offering hands-on advice on how we may prepare ourselves for what lies ahead. William Knoke’s vision and understanding of the future make Bold New World nothing less than a handbook for understanding the twenty-first century, and an essential road map for thriving amid its overwhelming changes.

William Knoke is founder and president of the Harvard Capital Group, an investment banking firm that specializes in mergers and acquisitions in the field of cutting-edge technologies. A graduate of Stanford University and Harvard  Business School, he is a frequent speaker at executive seminars and business conferences. He lives in Southern California. Bold New World is his first book.