Behaviour in a Business Context. Richard Turton. Chapman & Hall.

Behaviour in a Business Context Book Cover Behaviour in a Business Context
Richard Turton
Chapman & Hall
November 1990

Behavior in a Business Context introduces students to the analysis of behavior in organizations in the social context of business. It explores the social and psychological foundations of behavior in business disciplines and illustrates and discusses factors central to the successful management of business organizations today, and after 1993.

After looking at the development of the factory system and the emergence of modern management, the text examines the factors which influence business behavior at the environmental, strategic and operational levels. Topics covered range from trade unions, to group and individual behavior in industrial and commercial organizations. At the strategic level the author discusses power and the factors affecting managerial decisions on technology, organizational structure and market strategy. Other topics include selection and recruitment; adaptation to the organizational environment; job design and reward; structures and strategies facilitating innovation in products, processes and services; and the significance of forms of ownership for business organizations now and in the future. The concluding chapters examine the pitfalls of comparative studies of competitors (Japan and West Germany, for example) and look to the future: the leisure/post-industrial society and the implications for social behavior of possible changes in family structure, life-styles and the organization and availability of work.

Highlighted key concepts and case studies are used throughout, to add realistic spice to the analytic mix, and the book explores numerous helpful links with other books in the series.

Written for students following courses in Business and Management Studies at degree or equivalent level, it will also be useful for students on BTEC higher courses, post-experience or postgraduate management courses, and professional courses in, for example, accountancy, marketing or personnel.

This book is one of six titles in the Business in Context series which aims to provide business-centred, rather than discipline-centred, coverage of the main subjects currently associated with a wide range of business studies programs.

Richard Turton MSc, B.Sc., CertEd, AIB is  Principal Lecturer in the School  of Health and Human Sciences at Hatfield Polytechnic.