The Quantum Society: Mind, Physics and a New Social Vision. Danah Zohar, Ian Marshall. William Morrow.

The Quantum Society: Mind, Physics and a New Social Vision Book Cover The Quantum Society: Mind, Physics and a New Social Vision
Danah Zohar, Ian Marshall
William Morrow
March 1994

In The Quantum Self, philosopher Danah Zohar and her husband, Ian Marshall, used quantum physics as an explanatory tool “to help us go beyond the isolation and narcissism of modern culture” (Publishers Weekly). The authors merged new physics and New Age thought and offered a vision of self-identity that went beyond the narrow perspectives of Freudians, Jungians, and laboratory physicians.

Now, drawing on the many analogies between quantum reality – the way modern physics defines our world – and the dynamics of self and society, Zohar and Marshall take their theory one step further. They argue that we can change our social perceptions, values, and behavior – the whole of our society – based on the nature of the mind and the universe itself.

In their brilliant new book, they offer a new theory of cosmic and social evolution that allows us to rediscover the meaning and purpose of our society. Diversity, they suggest, is the creative evolutionary force. The larger and richer the range of diversity, the greater the opportunity for society to express its own underlying potential – and to prosper by allowing for pluralist thinking. Zohar and Marshall present a radically new vision of how we can, through dialogue with each other and with our physical world, arrive at a new consensus that is itself a rich celebration of human diversity.

Danah Zohar was born in the United States. She received her B.Sc. in physics and philosophy from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and completed three years of postgraduate study in philosophy and religion at Harvard University, where she was a student of Erik Erikson. She is on the faculty of Oxford Brookes University in England, where she lectures on science and culture. Her previous books include Israel: The Land and Its People and Through the Time Barrier: A Study of Precognition and Modern Physics. The Quantum Society is the second part of a trilogy – The Quantum Self was published to great acclaim in 1990. Danah Zohar is currently working on the third part of the trilogy, The Quantum Spirit. Ian Marshall is married to Danah Zohar and is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist. He collaborated with Danah Zohar on The Quantum Self. The authors live in Oxford, England, with their two children.