The Millennium Organization. Harrison Owen. Abbott Publishing.

The Millennium Organization Book Cover The Millennium Organization
Harrison Owen
Abbott Publishing
December 1994

The fundamental character of the Millennium Organization is revealed in its celebration of life as an Open System. It is constantly engaged in dialogue with the world around, and indeed the difference between the world and the organization is, more often than not, a matter of perception. Inside and outside become relative, and sometimes meaningless terms, boundaries a matter of focus and convenience rather than hard determination. Business is done through the process of co-creation in which ongoing collaborative relationships are the norm, and winning and losing, as zero-sum games, are relegated to an earlier, more barbaric period. Competition is by no means banished, but it is competition for the larger purpose of realizing potential and actualizing latent gifts, and not to vanquish or destroy the opponent.

Harrison Owen is president of H. H. Owen and Co. his clients range from an association of nine cities to major corporations in Europe, South America, India, Africa and the United States. He was once a senior executive at the National Institutes of Health and the Veteran’s Administration. He is still an Anglican priest.