Leadership Is. Harrison Owen. Abbott Publishing.

Leadership Is Book Cover Leadership Is
Harrison Owen
Abbott Publishing
March 1990

Leadership Is tells a story which is at once comforting and disturbing. Comfort comes from the assertion that in a world apparently bereft of leadership, there is in fact an abundance, only waiting to be made manifest. The disturbing part lies in the suggestion that leadership is no longer (and possibly never was) a matter of command and control exercised by The One or the Few over the many. Leadership is liberation, the capacity to inspire the human spirit on its quest for fulfillment. It is not about answers, but rather questions. It is not the dictatorial domain of the single powerful leader, but rather the birthright of each and every human soul – only waiting to be realized.

Peter Vaill, commenting on Harrison’s previous book Spirit, said, “I suspect he is closer to the deep springs of meaning in organization than most of his contemporaries, although paradoxically, the deeper he takes us, the more one realizes how much more there is to learn and do.”

Harrison Owen is president of H. H. Owen and Company, he has worked with clients ranging from an association of nine cities and four counties to major corporations in the United States, Europe, South America, and India. He has also done street organizing in the United States, and small village development in the west African bush, and served as a senior executive at the National Institutes of Health and the Veterans Administration.