Creative Compartments: A Design for Future Organization. Gerard Fairtlough. Praeger.

Creative Compartments: A Design for Future Organization Book Cover Creative Compartments: A Design for Future Organization
Gerard Fairtlough
November 7, 1994

Small is beautiful – but how small is small and what practical steps can we take to achieve its beauty?

By the 21st Century, the author contends, we may have found an answer: the “creative compartment” – a group of a few hundred people who work together in a totally open way. The intense communication within a compartment generates enormous adaptability and a creative problem-solving ability seldom found 20th Century organizations.

In Creative Compartments Fairtlough draws on his wide experiences and on a profound analysis of the operation and interaction of small organizations. He sets out a clear agenda for organizational redesign, and his novel proposals will benefit anyone in any organization – large or small, business and non-profit, anywhere in the world – who wants continuing success in the 21st Century.

Gerard Fartlough held executive-level positions with Royal Dutch Shell prior to founding an innovative biotechnology company, Celltech, where he was CEO for 10 years. He is now a writer and advisor to various organizations, large and small. He is also a member of the Global Business Network, an organization based in Emeryville, California, which brings people and companies together to learn and plan for the future in a continuous conversation on the 21st Century.