Corporate Tides: The Inescapable Laws of Organizational Structure. Robert Fritz. Berrett-Koehler Publishers.

Corporate Tides: The Inescapable Laws of Organizational Structure Book Cover Corporate Tides: The Inescapable Laws of Organizational Structure
Robert Fritz
Berrett-Koehler Publishers
January 1, 1996

Why, with so much focus on organizational change, is there so little successful change? Is it the result of poor planning? The economy? Foreign competition? The fundamental reason is that most corporations fail to understand basic laws of structure that determine a business’s success or failure. Often managers attempt to impose change on a week foundation. Robert Fritz examines the underlying structures that support business strategy, with the insight that structure gives rise to behavior. Once they understand the structural forces, managers can realize their company’s goals by applying the right principles.

Fritz outlines the basic laws that determine a corporation’s success or failure. He describes the difference between structural advancement and structural oscillation, and shows how, if an organization is poorly structured, success in one department can actually cause difficulties in another – increased sales constrain manufacturing capacity; reinvestment can lead to declining market performance. Corporate Tides reveals techniques that can be used at all levels of an organization from project teams to senior groups doing strategic planning, and demonstrates how to create consistency throughout the organization.

Robert Fritz is the founder of the field of structural consulting. Through his company, Technologies for Creating, over 50,000 people throughout the world have taken his seminars. He is also founder of the Fritz Consulting Group, and his clients include many Fortune 500 companies. He is the author of the bestselling books The Path of Least Resistance and Creating.