Behavior Space: Play, Pleasure and Discovery as a Model for Business Value. Alexander Manu. Routledge.

Behavior Space: Play, Pleasure and Discovery as a Model for Business Value Book Cover Behavior Space: Play, Pleasure and Discovery as a Model for Business Value
Alexander Manu
December 5, 2012

This book is about value creation; it proposes the corporations do not design products or services anymore: they design behavior spaces. Facebook is not a product, not a technology, but a behavior space. Innovation is the creation of a new behavior space. The product or service is simply the catalyst that enables a new behavior space to emerge. The size of the behavior space footprint, represents the potential value a product or service offer; the greater the value potential, the greater the monetization potential.

Alexander Manu illustrates how these new concepts are transforming design and product development so that the process changes from a static and product-centered approach to one that is entirely centered on the user and their behaviors that emerge as they interact with what they have bought.

He provides a new language to describe the way in which the physical, intellectual and emotional features of products and services achieve a relationship between the user and the brand. He explains the concept of Play Value, which underpins the attraction for customers and depends on compelling experiences that are challenging, rewarding and absorbing; that never frustrate and that encourage repeated use.

Business strategists, brand builders and designers seeking to understand and exploit commercially the fundamental changes in consumer behavior that are driven by technology, user experience in social interaction, will find Behavior Space an ideal place to start.

Alexander Manu is a strategic innovation practitioner, international lecturer and author. He works with executive teams in Fortune 500 companies in industries as diverse as consumer packaged goods, media, advertising, mobile communications and manufacturing. Alexander lectures around the world on innovation, imagination, change agents and strategic foresight. He is a Senior Partner at InnoSpa International Partners, teaches Innovation, Foresight and Business Design at the Rotman School of Management, and is a Professor at the OCAD University in Toronto. In his client and research work, Alexander is involved in transforming organizations by exploring and defining new competitive spaces, the development of new strategic business competencies and creation of imaginative innovation methods. Author of a number of ground-breaking books on strategic innovation and design, Alexander has an exceptional and sustained activity as an international lecturer, being invited to give over 450 keynote lectures in 24 countries.