Purpose: The Starting Point of Great Companies. Nikos Mourkogiannis. Palgrave Macmillan.

Purpose: The Starting Point of Great Companies Book Cover Purpose: The Starting Point of Great Companies
Nikos Mourkogiannis
Palgrave Macmillan
October 3, 2006

In Purpose, world-renowned thought leader Nikos Mourkogiannis turns the entire idea of leadership on its head and shows that in business, the choice between values and success is no choice at all. He argues that a company must satisfy the need for Purpose – a set of values that defines it and inspires and motivates its employees. Rather than organization and structure, ideas are what cause companies to go from good to great.

Drawing on the works of the great philosophers and using examples from multiple industries, Mourkogiannis identifies the four major types of Purpose – discovery, excellence, altruism and heroism – and shows how to harness their power to unite and energize an organization. In an era of corporate scandals and declining morale, the principles revealed here will be indispensable for companies that aspire to meaningful success.

Nikos Mourkogiannis is a senior partner at Panthea, an elite leadership consulting firm providing advice to Chairman and CEO’s of top companies around the world. He is also Senior executive advisor on leadership to global consultancy Booz Allen Hamilton. He helped create the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School with Roger Fisher, the author of the business bestseller Getting to Yes. Nikos has worked on some of the most complex and important business deals of the last thirty years with some of the most influential leaders in international business and government.