Holacracy: The New Management System for a Rapidly Changing World. Brian J. Robertson. Henry Holt and Co.

Holacracy: The New Management System for a Rapidly Changing World Book Cover Holacracy: The New Management System for a Rapidly Changing World
Brian J. Robertson
Henry Holt and Co.
June 2 2015

Haven’t heard of Holacracy? You will. Here, at last, is a book by Holacracy’s creator that shows how this revolutionary new system for running companies works – and how to implement it.

In business today, conditions change every minute. But in most organizations the people who are best qualified to respond to changes rarely have the authority to do so. Instead, they are forced to follow strategies set in stone by leaders who still believe that “predict and control” is the key to effective management.

Holacracy shows how you can make everyone in your organization into a leader, allowing for maximum agility and flexibility. This system allows organizations to change themselves, they by day, to respond to the ever-changing market.

Think this sounds like chaos? It’s quite the opposite. Holacracy is a highly organized system that gives the power to make decisions to people according to the work they do (their roles) rather than the titles they have (their jobs). The result is:

  • efficient communication
  • effective meetings
  • less red tape and fewer roadblocks
  • crystal clear lines of responsibility and accountability

The age of the heroic CEO who can foresee and solve every problem has passed, if it ever existed. Today, the world’s most agile, purpose-driven, and forward-thinking companies are adopting Holacracy.

In this book, Brian J. Robertson shows what’s wrong with business as usual – and gives you the tools you need to reboot your organization and improve dramatically the work you do in the way that work gets done.

Brian J. Robertson developed Holacracy while experimenting with management techniques within his own companies, originally as a CEO. He previously founded and led a fast-growth software company, and he now works with HolacracyOne, the organization he launched to support Holacracy. His efforts have helped hundreds of companies around the world install and practice the method. He lives near Philadelphia.