The Dual Operating System

February 8, 2017 David Forrest 0

Hierarchies and Networks John P. Kotter is the Konosuke Matsushita Professor of Leadership, Emeritus at the Harvard Business School. He has written extensively on the challenges of leadership and the need to rethink organizations in […]



February 4, 2017 David Forrest 0

The Old Paradigm Frederick Winslow Taylor advocated new ways of organizing work at the turn of the last century, to increase worker productivity and economic efficiency. His scientific management practices were soon widely adopted, and […]


Phase Transitions

January 28, 2017 David Forrest 0

States of Matter Matter transforms magically when it changes state. As its temperature reaches critical thresholds, water shapeshifts into ice or steam. In liquids molecules slide freely past one another. In solids they are locked […]


The Acceleration of Everything

January 23, 2017 David Forrest 0

Origins We are on a path that began long before any written memory. Tens of thousands of years of imperceptible then incremental change, accelerating suddenly, and creating revolution after revolution in the last few hundred […]


Crisis and Renewal

January 21, 2017 David Forrest 0

The Dynamics of Natural Systems Nature responds to opportunities. New spaces are colonized quickly after a fire that destroys a forest and leaves charred ground. Pioneering plants adapted to survive in harsh conditions arrive first, […]



January 19, 2017 David Forrest 0

Accelerating Change Technological change has been the primary driving force for economic and social change in the last two centuries. As technology became more complex, so, too, did the economy and society. Change in all […]


The Nature of Change

January 16, 2017 David Forrest 0

System Behavior There is a great similarity between the extremes of a whitewater river and those of a complex system. At one end of the scale, the water is dark, silent and still. At the […]


The Adaptive Organization

January 13, 2017 David Forrest 0

Two Styles of Leadership The crisis of control in the early 1900s gave rise to hierarchical organizations. A crisis of complexity today is similarly giving birth to new organizational thinking. It is becoming clear that […]


The Control Revolution

January 12, 2017 David Forrest 0

The Crisis of Control As we struggle today to cope with a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world, history is repeating itself. Organizational models we now take for granted were once revolutionary – created in […]


The Challenge of Complexity

January 9, 2017 David Forrest 0

A VUCA World Volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity: in a word, ‘VUCA.’ In the 1990s, the U.S. Army started using the term to describe a world that had become much more challenging and unpredictable. Warfare […]

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