Boundary Spanning

May 27, 2017 David Forrest 0

Requisite Variety Our most daunting problems today are growing in complexity. No single actor is able to resolve them by working alone. When the complexity of a problem exceeds our capacity to respond, we are quickly […]



February 9, 2017 David Forrest 0

Challenge elevates our aspirations and focuses our attention in a way that makes impossible goals achievable. Challenge has the power to move an organization, a system or a nation. Indeed, it has the power to […]


Collective Impact

March 27, 2017 David Forrest 0

The term ‘collective impact’ was coined by John Kania and Mark Kramer – founders of the philanthropic consulting firm FSG – to describe the contribution of multiple actors to solving a social problem. They used […]


Crisis and Renewal

January 21, 2017 David Forrest 0

The Dynamics of Natural Systems Nature responds to opportunities. New spaces are colonized quickly after a fire that destroys a forest and leaves charred ground. Pioneering plants adapted to survive in harsh conditions arrive first, […]


Desired Future

February 14, 2017 David Forrest 0

The Unknowable Future What is the future? It doesn’t exist. We can only live in the present. But we contemplate the future endlessly and anticipate what could happen with trepidation. The future is the not-yet-realized […]



February 22, 2017 David Forrest 0

Thinking Together Dialogue and the Art of Thinking Together is a moving story of the power of dialogue. Author William Isaacs co-founded the Center for Organizational Learning with Peter Senge at MIT in 1990. The […]



January 19, 2017 David Forrest 0

Accelerating Change Technological change has been the primary driving force for economic and social change in the last two centuries. As technology became more complex, so, too, did the economy and society. Change in all […]


Enterprise Ecology

March 6, 2017 David Forrest 0

Our planet teems with life. Its collective genetic code – the DNA operating system that runs life’s programs – weighs 50 billion tons and contains 50 trillion trillion trillion base pairs. It would fill one […]


Intention is Fractal

April 2, 2017 David Forrest 0

A State of Mind Intention is a state of mind that shapes how we relate to the world and to each other. We contemplate taking action based on the hope or desire that it will […]


Organizational DNA

March 12, 2017 David Forrest 0

The Exchange of Value The existential question for every organization, regardless of the sector it is in, is how to create value. It is their reason for being. The farmers who grow our food, the […]

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