Supply Chain Optimization: Building the Strongest Total Business Network. Charles C Poirier, Stephen E Reiter.

Supply Chain Optimization: Building the Strongest Total Business Network Book Cover Supply Chain Optimization: Building the Strongest Total Business Network
Charles C Poirier, Stephen E Reiter
Berrett-Koehler Publishers
January 1, 1996

As the myriad of companies that have recently downsized are coming to realize, it’s difficult to pursue increased profits with reduced resources. Supply Chain Optimization outlines a strategy for overcoming this problem by breaking down the boundaries that have traditionally segregated supply chain participants from one another – fractionalizing their earning power. By analyzing the entire process, from initial supply to ultimate consumption, the authors help readers to identify the goals, avoid the pitfalls, and implement this new method of doing business.

At the heart of the authors’ plan is a four-step model to mobilize joint effort and focus resources from suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers on initiatives that have a high pay-back potential. The book includes case studies that show what a wide range of companies are actually doing to achieve supply chain optimization. Companies profiled include: Procter & Gamble, Baxter Healthcare Corporation, Packaging Corporation of America, and Dominick’s.

Supply Chain Optimization offers survival tools for companies of all sizes. The authors describe consortiums, or “share groups,” of smaller companies that can compete with the volume the leverage of large corporations, superstores, and warehouse stores. By analyzing their shared supply chain and pooling their available resources, these consortiums can find hidden savings to protect their profit margins and remain competitive in today’s marketplace.

Charles C. Poirier is a Principal in the Consumer Products Practice of A. T. Kearney, Inc., the management consulting subsidiary of EDS. Prior to joining EDS, Poirier was Senior Vice President of Quality and Productivity for Packaging Corporation of America and Chief Engineer, Director of Manufacturing, Area General Manager, and Director of Marketing and Sales for the Container Division of St. Regis Paper. He is the author of Business Partnering for Continuous Improvement and Avoiding the Pitfalls of Total Quality Management.

Steven E. Reiter is a Partner in the information technology practice of Computer Sciences Corporation. He has helped numerous corporations achieve performance gains through the application of Total Quality Management, Process Reengineering, and Information Technology. He has twenty-four years of experience in Information Technology leadership, serving the market in such positions as VP and CIO for Packaging Corporation of America and Hillenbrand Industries. His innovative use of IT in support of manufacturing gained him selection by CIO magazine as a Member of the Innovative 100.