Kaizen Strategies for Improving Team Performance. Micheal Colenso. Financial Times Prentice Hall.

Kaizen Strategies for Improving Team Performance Book Cover Kaizen Strategies for Improving Team Performance
Micheal Colenso
Financial Times Prentice Hall
September 11, 2000

To underpin and support your people during the change process requires the creation and development of a team culture. This book closes the gap between concept and action, providing fast access to pragmatic information and proven experience. It details procedural steps, from initial team formation, through the various evolutionary stages, to self-managed or virtual teams.

Packed with cutting-edge information, advice and case studies, this book not only presents you with the insights you need to get teams rapidly up to speed and working to their full potential, it also shows how you can keep them heading in the right direction.

Kaizen Strategies for Improving Team Performance develops and extends the philosophy of Kaizen for use in the West. It

  • provides the tools you need to improve your teams’ performance
  • introduces concepts such as Challenge Mapping and HOT (Honest, Open and Trustworthy) management, to help you build openness, share responsibility and foster creativity, entrepreneurship and agility within your team)
  • shows how to harness the latest management thinking and IT tools to enhance performance, overcome problems and accelerate team development

Be part of the change movement by planning and championing change for the future.

Michael Colenso is an Associate of the Europe Japan Centre, a think-tank and consultancy group focusing on research in the management of change. Michael specializes in leadership, strategic repositioning of organizations, and how to harness the power of people at work. He not only undertakes consultancy assignments, but also delivers workshops and keynote presentations around the world. He is a fellow of the Institute of Management and has written two previous books for Butterworth-Heinemann.

The Europe Japan Centre is part of a major Japanese corporation, the Osaka Gas Group, with offices in Japan, and the USA, Singapore and the UK. The Centre uses these international links to help its clients succeed on a global platform, by offering them high-quality research, and human resources and management development expertise. Drawing on the staff’s extensive personal experience of business practices around the world, the Centre offers a unique blend of ‘best of East and West.’