Creating Value in the Network Economy. Don Tapscott. Harvard Business Review Press.

Creating Value in the Network Economy Book Cover Creating Value in the Network Economy
Don Tapscott
Harvard Business Review Press
May 1999

The Internet is driving all businesses – not just cutting-edge technology ventures but veteran industries like newspapers and car dealerships – to radically rethink the way wealth is created within their organizations. Real value is no longer measured merely by hard assets on balance sheets, but rather in the skills, knowledge, brands, and other intangible assets that are leveraged, transferred and shared through digital networks. Now, Don Tapscott, bestselling author of The Digital Economy and Growing Up Digital, organizes some of the Harvard Business Review‘s most insightful articles into a framework for understanding the new dynamics of value and wealth in the networked world.

A rich mix of ideas and insights, Creating Value in the Network Economy explores all aspects of the interconnected business environment, from the importance of trust in the virtual organization and the changing nature of customer relationships to new ways that companies can generate returns from their intellectual assets. The real-world examples from companies such as, eBay, The Wall Street Journal, and Auto-by-Tel help managers to see more clearly the opportunities for transfiguring their business around the Internet. The contributors include many members of the digerati – Regis McKenna, Stan Davis, John Hegel, and James F. Moore – as well as the incomparable Charles Handy.

Tapscott’s thought-provoking introduction highlights the key themes and unites the articles into a valuable resource for managers. Through real-world, authoritative examples from today’s leading thinkers, Creating Value in the Network Economy helps us to understand the new and still-emerging opportunities, challenges, and institutions for creating wealth and the networked economy.

Don Tapscott is an internationally sought advisor, author, and speaker on the new economy. He is chairman of the Alliance for Converging Technologies – a think tank conducting a series of investigations into how the Net is changing business strategy and government. Tapscott is the author of seven books, including the bestsellers Paradigm Shift, The Digital Economy, and Growing Up Digital.