Managing Chaos: Dynamic Business Strategies in an Unpredictable World. Ralph D. Stacey. Kogan Page.

Managing Chaos: Dynamic Business Strategies in an Unpredictable World Book Cover Managing Chaos: Dynamic Business Strategies in an Unpredictable World
Ralph D. Stacey
Kogan Page
April 30, 1992

Since the late 1980s the dominant theme of the business world has been change. The 1990s have already seen this pace of change accelerate to the extent that managers now see that the only certainty in business is its unpredictability.

So how should they deal with this increasing instability? In his thought-provoking book, Ralph Stacey challenges conventional wisdom by showing that there are no clear prescriptions: the answer lies not in trying to exert control but in recognizing uncertainty as a force which can stimulate creativity.

By drawing on examples from some of the world’s most successful companies and current management practice, Stacey shows how business success can be achieved by eschewing the quest for stability and equilibrium in favor of a more innovative and flexible approach. He explores such key issues as:

  • How do we control our business strategically when the future is open-ended and unpredictable?
  • How do we generate continuing creativity and innovation in our business?

In his stimulating analysis, Stacey does not offer textbook solutions, but challenges managers to adopt an essentially dynamic approach to dealing with the paradox which they now face – how to manage chaos.

Ralph D. Stacey teaches strategic management at the Business School of Hatfield Polytechnic. He is an active management consultant, and has written a number of books, including the acclaimed Dynamic Strategic Management for the 1990s, also published by Kogan Page.