BIG Ideas to BIG Results: Remake and Recharge Your Company, Fast. Michael Kanazawa, Robert Miles. FT Press.

BIG Ideas to BIG Results: Remake and Recharge Your Company, Fast Book Cover BIG Ideas to BIG Results: Remake and Recharge Your Company, Fast
Michael Kanazawa, Robert Miles
FT Press
February 21, 2008

Today’s companies recognize that they must constantly improve at every level, from front-line customer-facing functions to enterprise-wide strategy. They must execute bold new strategic initiatives more effectively… integrate and align acquisitions more quickly… and accelerate and sustain growth in the face of unprecedented competition. But wherever business transformation and breakthrough performance must occur, many of the challenges are the same.

Now, there’s a breakthrough methodology for overcoming these challenges. In BIG Ideas to BIG Results, Michael T. Kanazawa and Robert H. Miles introduce the Accelerated Corporate Transformation (ACT) methodology: A simple, no-nonsense process that is grounded in reality, inclusive of people, and 100% results-oriented.

Drawing on over twenty years refining and applying ACT, initially at Harvard Business School and then in leading enterprises, Kanazawa and Miles identify crucial steps to success, as well as practical solutions to the inevitable roadblocks you’ll face. Their #1 insight: Many obstacles stem from managers making situations and decisions more complex than they really are, and taking too much time to get ready. ACT strips away complexity and indecision, helping you move far more rapidly and predictably from strategy development through execution. Designed by leaders for leaders, this book will help you execute more rapidly and lead more effectively, to achieve breakthrough performance at any level, in any function, in any organization.

  • Step-by-step, leader-driven techniques that work – simply and quickly: Business transformation and breakthrough performance without the confusion and complexity
  • What leaders must know – and do – to succeed: Making it happen from the inside out – without hordes of consultants
  • Conquer “corporate gridlock” at last: Stay focused on what really matters, instead of bouncing from one initiative to the next
  • Rapidly engage the full organization… To power up leadership at every level

Michael T. Kanazawa, Chief Executive Officer of Dissero Partners, is a business advisor, author, and speaker. Michael serves as a business advisor to executives on the topics of corporate transformation, strategy, business execution, and leadership. Previously, he built the technology and innovation practice at a premier consulting firm that spun off from the Boston Consulting Group. With a blend of operating experience at Fortune 500 companies and collaboration on the development of the Accelerated Corporate Transformation (ACT) process, he brings a practical approach to driving breakthrough growth to his clients. He has worked with organizations including Silicon Valley start-ups, private equity investors and global corporations, such as AT&T, Anadigics, Intel, PG&E, Slumberger, Symantec, and Verizon.

Robert H. Miles, Ph.D., Chairman of Dissero Partners, is a thought and practice Leader in the fields of corporate transformation and executive leadership. He also serves as chairman of Galloway Consulting and president of Corporate Transformation Resources. Miles was a faculty member at the Yale School of management and later at Harvard Business School, where he chaired the innovative program for CEOs, division presidents, and their teams that generated the initial insights for the ACT methodology. He has authored several books on his intensive support of corporate transformations at over twenty-five companies, including Corporate Comeback and Leading Corporate Transformation.