The Tactics of Hope: Your Guide to Becoming a Social Entrepreneur. Wilford H. Welch. Earth Aware Editions.

The Tactics of Hope: Your Guide to Becoming a Social Entrepreneur Book Cover The Tactics of Hope: Your Guide to Becoming a Social Entrepreneur
Wilford H. Welch
Earth Aware Editions
May 27, 2008

The Tactics of Hope is a call to action for individuals around the world who are concerned about global issues such as poverty, human rights, social justice, and environmental sustainability, but are not clear what steps they might best take to move from concern to effective action.

The book recounts the inspiring stories of twenty-seven social entrepreneurs, offering readers innovative approaches to tackling the pressing issues of our time themselves. Wilford Welch’s global mosaic brings together stories of disparate individuals who are, each in their own way, helping to create a shared vision of progress. Social entrepreneurs see opportunities where others see barriers. Daring to think outside the box, they are part of the fastest-growing grassroots movement in human history. This book is both a celebration of the individual successes of today and a guide for what is possible tomorrow.

Wilford Welch’s professional career has been devoted to understanding and taking action to address global challenges – as a U.S. diplomat in Asia, a professor of international business, the publisher of a world affairs publication and as an international business consultant. In 2004 he cofounded the Quest for Global Healing initiative which brings thousands of people together from around the world every other year to help transform their concerns over environmental and social challenges into concrete initiatives. Willford has degrees from Yale, Harvard and the University of California at Berkeley. He lives in Sausalito, California.

David Hopkins is the former director, at Middlebury College, of the International Affairs Center of the Roosevelt Institution, the nation’s first intercollegiate student think tank devoted to progressive policy reform. He initiated a new student-led degree in social entrepreneurship at Middlebury, and graduated with a B.A. cum laude in International Studies, Politics and Economics. He lives in San Francisco, California.