Designing Local: Revealing Our Truest Communities. Kyle Ezell. Look Up Project.

Designing Local: Revealing Our Truest Communities Book Cover Designing Local: Revealing Our Truest Communities
Kyle Ezell
Look Up Project
July 21, 2014

We work too hard as urban planners and designers to settle for bland, mediocre places. Our work should be inspiring and creative, but established practices have us copying plans and stamping out versions of whatever’s popular at the time. Our current culture wastes too much time worshiping other communities and trying to get what they have. Why do we plan the same ideas and implement them on the ground – together – when this practice renders our places invisible in the process? It’s time for this old system to die.

Designing Local ushers in a new era when remarkable neighborhoods and cities are invented and our professions are elevated. We can now ignore fads that come and go, reject mass production, and embrace The Local. We can finally do inspired work and set our places apart from the rest. We’ll bring attention and praise to our communities, increase tourism, lure startups, and attract new residents who seek special and meaningful addresses.

Kyle Ezell, ACP, is an Associate Professor of Practice of City and Regional Planning at The Ohio State University’s Knowlton School and the recipient of numerous teaching awards including the College of Engineering’s Distinguished Faculty Award for Outstanding Teaching and Ohio State University’s Excellence in Community-Based Scholarship. He is also a principal of a planning, design, and public participation firm called Designing Local, Ltd. Where he attempts to live up to the values and expectations set forth in this book.