Cultural Theory. Michael Thompson, Richard J. Ellis, Aaron Wildavsky. Westview Press.

Cultural Theory Book Cover Cultural Theory
Michael Thompson, Richard J. Ellis, Aaron Wildavsky
Westview Press
August 21, 1990

Taking their cue from the pioneering work of anthropologist Mary Douglas, the authors of Cultural Theory have created a typology of five ways of life – egalitarianism, fatalism, individualism, hierarchy, and autonomy – to serve as an analytical tool in the examination of people, culture, and politics. They then show how cultural theorists can develop large numbers of falsifiable propositions.

Michael Thompson is director of the Musgrave Institute in London and honorary research fellow at the Department of Geography at University College London. Richard Ellis is an assistant professor of political science at Willamette University. Aaron Wildavsky is professor of political science and public policy and a member of the Survey Research Center at the University of California, Berkeley.