Crowdocracy: The Future of Government & Governance. Alan Watkins, Iman Stratenus. Urbane Publications.

Crowdocracy: The Future of Government & Governance Book Cover Crowdocracy: The Future of Government & Governance
Alan Watkins, Iman Stratenus
Urbane Publications
May 15, 2016

Crowdocracy: The End of Politics discusses one of the world’s most debated and critical issues – who decides our future and how should we be governed? Democracy is struggling to produce solutions to the challenges of our times. Populations feel disenfranchised with the political process, with the real power today being in the hands of a small elite. Crowdocracy offers a radical new way forward, one that allows all of us – not just some of us – to participate in how we are governed. Using technology and the insights of crowd wisdom, the authors describe how we can ultimately shape and govern our communities. A revolutionary idea that can be implemented in an evolutionary way.

Crowdocracy is the second title in the ground-breaking Wicked & Wise series, a range of topical books that explore hotly debated and ‘wicked’ issues facing the planet and its people, offering intelligent, challenging and ‘wise’ ways forward that may be able to break through existing intractable positions. Each book in the series is co-authored by Alan Watkins and an eminent thinker in each subject field.

Alan Watkins is recognized as an international expert on leadership and human performance.

Iman Stratenus unravels and redesigns complex systems. He is the Founder of the Crowd Foundation.