Building Strategy from the Middle: Reconceptualizing Strategy Process. Steven W. Floyd, Bill Wooldridge. Sage Publications.

Building Strategy from the Middle: Reconceptualizing Strategy Process Book Cover Building Strategy from the Middle: Reconceptualizing Strategy Process
Steven W. Floyd, Bill Wooldridge
Sage Publications
March 15, 2000

Drawing from their extensive knowledge of the realities of corporate life, Steven Floyd and Bill Wooldridge challenge the widely held view that all strategic business decisions are made by top management. They argue that middle managers have a powerful influence on the strategic direction of corporations and that the focus of management research should be broadened to include the unique contributions of middle-management.

Building Strategy from the Middle presents a comprehensive overview of strategy process research and a theoretical justification for conducting strategy research from a middle-level perspective. It examines theoretical frameworks that touch on the role of middle-management including social network analysis, trust theory, and complexity theory. It concludes with an innovative model that illustrates how to conduct this important research.

The book is essential, engaging reading for graduate students, researchers, and others interested in exploring strategy within corporations and the influence of middle-management on that strategy.

Steven W. Floyd is Associate Professor and Lawrence J. Ackerman Scholar of Management at the University of Connecticut, where he teaches strategic management and organization theory. Since his graduation from the University of Colorado, his research interests have centered on strategy-making processes, including strategic roles, consensus, involvement, and more recently, strategic renewal. His articles on these and related topics have been published in such journals as the Academy of Management Review, Strategic Management Journal, Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Management, Academy of Management Executive, Journal of Management Studies, and European Journal of Management. With Bill Wooldridge, he is also the author of a book, titled The Strategic Middle Manager. In addition to strategic behavior, Floyd studies the processes associated with corporate entrepreneurship and technological innovation, and research in this domain has been published in Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice, Journal of Management Information Systems, and Technology Analysis and Strategic Management. He is a frequent participant in the meetings of the Academy of Management and Strategic Management Society. He and his wife Beverly live in East Haddam, Connecticut, where he enjoys sail boarding and mountain biking.

Bill Wooldridge is Associate Professor of Strategic Management in the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He earned his BS at Ithaca College, and MBA and PhD degrees at the University of Chicago, Boulder. His research with Steven Floyd on the involvement and contributions of mid-level professionals to strategy has appeared in Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Management Studies, Academy of Management Executive, and Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice. This research has been cited by the Economist and was the basis for a previous book, The Strategic Middle Manager. More recently, he has turned his attention to motors of change and their application to competition in the U.S. bicycle industry. An avid cyclist, Bill resides in Belchertown, Massachusetts, with his wife Linda and their children Jenna and Andrew. In his free time, he participates in both recreational and competitive cycling and can often be found that bicycling events around the country.